City of Saskatoon Employee

Family Assistance Program

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      The unions and associations and the management of the City of Saskatoon recognise that almost any human problem can be successfully treated, especially if it is identified in its early stages and referral is made to the appropriate resource.  This is true whether the problem is one of alcoholism, drug abuse, physical illness, mental or emotional stress, marital or family distress, or other concerns.  These are serious health and behavioural problems, which may have a profound impact upon the lives of those employees, affected their families, and their job performance. Therefore, unions, associations, and management wish to foster and maintain an attitude of assistance towards such problems when encountered by an employee, at any level.  It is recognised, however, that successful resolution of such problems requires a high degree of the employee's personal motivation and willing co-operation.

      EFAP services are extended to all employees, and their immediate dependant family members after six months of work time. Employees of the City of Saskatoon who retired after 1990 and who are members Superannuation Plan are covered.


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